Is it safe to run a windows10 in whonix workstation?

Some program can only run in windows, I tried wine way in whonix, but sadly it’s not work.
So install virtualbox in whonix workstation, and run a windows10 system in virtualbox looks the only way.
My host system is windows10 too, so the whole structure is windows10(host) contains whonix, whonix contains windows10(child)
Image here, can’t post it

I won’t pass any sensitive info to windows10(child), I just run some program which whonix can’t run, after things done, I will close windows10(child) instantly.
My question is that is this safe enough?
Will this leak my ip or hardware info?
Any other security problem?

you can use whonix gateway and any non-safe OS inside virtual whonix network if you are not using guest additions, or it might be fine with them if used wisely

More importanly make sure that clipboard is not leaking. That clipboard is some small thing, but it can leak your identity easily thru the long chain of VMs and RDPs/VNCs

Still better setup not guest additions just fix that resolution problem somehow if its small and accept the destiny, that you cant sync clipboard and have shared folders. Then you can run anything inside that windows, it can even do updates thru tor.

Tho its not 100% safe, its still 99.9% safe because there could be some CPU exploits that can escape the virtualization context. But those things cant be helped, there is no way to protect from this kind of threats, maybe only physical isolation and separate pc would help with this. Unlikely you catch one by just using some app inside the windows vm, its more like some private nuclear weapon or even folk tale from CPU vendors vulnerability reports.



Besides being vulnerable to Windows malware (if it doesn’t include some out of the box from the cracking team already) is it can track your keystroke patterns and identify you if you don’t have kloak installed on the host.

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Hard question. Nested virtualization, Security Considerations vs a non-nested Custom-Windows-Workstation?

If kloak runs inside Whonix-Workstation would that cover nested VMs? I guess so but untested.

cracking teams dont include malware into their products. Distributors do that