Is it safe to install maldet on Whonix?

Would it be beneficial to install maldet on Whonix Workstation? I would like to be able to scan files for potential malware. There is somewhat recent debian packaging here (this also installs ClamAV):

related wiki chapter:
The Utility of Antivirus Tools


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It may not be the smartest thing, but I decided to try it out after reading those articles, as I don’t have much to lose and sometimes there’s only one way to learn. maldet does not seem to be able to scan a mounted veracrypt partition as a non-root user, and I’m afraid to run it as root, as I don’t know if there are any security consequences in doing so. ClamTK, however, seems to be able to read files in external partitions.

I don’t know if these utilities are completely useless, or at worst provide a broader attack vector, but I thought it’d be something to try. I also feel safer scanning files for malware inside of Whonix than on my main host OS

nevermind, ClamAV doesn’t seem to be working either. i cant update the antivirus signatures

Check if bug was reported upstream already and if not please report a bug as a contribution to Open Source.