Is it possible to use Whonix in Live-Mode while somehow be able to access a persistent file/folder

Hey there,

I am somewhat unsure that this is the right category, but the others doesn’t seem to be fitting too.

If somebody would use Virtualbox Whonix Workstation in Live-Mode and still would like to be able to take notes or save a screenshot. How could that be accomplished? Something like the Tails Persistent Storage option would be awesome…

I was thinking about attaching a USB with passthrough to access a location, but that seems not recommended. Another idea was to use an online tool/cloud storage (which could be accessed through the browser) but that brings up other security disadvantages. Would love to hear your ideas or approaches.

This is specifically asked for non-Qubes-Whonix.

We don’t have that documented. Help welcome!

Approaches where it seems to be these would have good success chances:

A) Add a separate hard drive.

  1. “forget” about live mode for a while
  2. Debian in a VM (not Whonix for simplicity)
  3. figure out how to add a second virtual hard drive and how to use it
  4. do the same with Whonix persistent
  5. do the same with Whonix Live

In that order for the sake of:

B) re-mount read-write

As long as the drive isn’t set to read-only mode and as long as you have sudo access, in theory you should be able to re-mount a specific folder with read/write.

it can be done. i’ve added an additional virtual hard drive. then, for the folders that i want to be able to maintain persistent storage, i move those folders to the additional virtual drive and add a symbolic link to them on the original virtual drive that will be run in live mode.

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