Is it possible to show all outgoing traffic in the gateway?

i have installed the latest whonix version. all works fine.
How can i show all outgoing traffic in the gateway?

Use a network packet analyzer like wireshark or tcpdump.


Wireshark works well. be forewarned though: It calls many dependencies.
also, you will need to add your user, “user” to the wireshark group to use it as non root.
sudo usermod -aG wireshark user
then restart and choose your interfaces. it will see both internal and external. Hold down the Control key when selecting interfaces to choose more than one to monitor.
I use wireshark to great efficacy in my systems.
(Remember, if you install it on the host, you will only see the connections to your host interface and the Tor address of the Gateway, no internal traffic)


thank you. works good.

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