Is it possible / safe to use encrypted Email with Thunderbird 68 and Enigmail?

According to a warning on a Whonix Wiki page:
“The page is currently a work in progress due to TorBirdy incompatibility with the latest Thunderbird release. […] The eventual solution will require a host of manual Thunderbird preference changes to use encrypted email safely.”

Does it mean one should not use Thunderbird 68 / Enigmail before the solution would be published?

It’s still safe, however a lot of important anonymity features were lost with torbirdy’s sunsetting. Stopping drafts from being saved online, blocking html in emails and all kinds of enhancements.

Tails OS starting from version 4.1 claims to have replaced the TorBirdy extension with custom settings and patches in Thunderbird that provide equivalent privacy. Do you agree that the new settings are equivalent to TorBirdy? Are you going to implement similar changes soon?

You can watch the (non-)progress here: torbirdy deprecated - replacement required

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