is it normal tor speed

i have 300-400kb/s in my host, bun on whonix i have some around 10-30kb/s, some times it going on 90-100kb/s

is it normal? its just fucking useless. guys how fast tor in yours workstations?

These pages will answer your question

Whonix wiki: Why is Tor so slow?

Tor Project Fact: Why is Tor so slow?

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i see that. and what? i asked real ppl to say how fast they have connection

My connection goes from 0 Kb/s to 500 Kb/s when Iā€™m using Tor. This is normal depending on the Tor circuit being used and if you are chaining a vpn with Tor :slight_smile:

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and how fast is your host(whithout tor)

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Host networking speed must not necessarily correlate to your Tor connection speed as what @0brand has linked to already explained. To answer your question, my ISP provided connection provides me with an average download speed of 50Mbit/s, while Tor can as @0brand suggested range from 0 to sometimes even 2Mbit/s depending on route.

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