Is it difficult to use Whonix CLI?

I dont want to keep my monitor up and running while my nodes are synching. Is the wonix cli an option?

You can power down the monitor. No problem. Not sure that was your question?

Is it difficult to use Whonix CLI? As difficult as most Linux distributions CLI. Mostly comparable with Debian.

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Also perhaps perfect for this use case:
Use rads.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

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thnx… ohh I thought If I shut down my monitor (cause its desktop) my Virtualbox would go nuts… because It has identified a monitor now and if I plug it out, maybe its gonna “misbehave”. So I want to disconnect the monitor from my desktop esentially, without worrying that my OS will go nuts or my virtualbox, since then there is suddenly no monitor identified

check this poor guy out from 2007 (#8563 (Crash when disconnecting displayport monitor while guest is in fullscreen mode) – Oracle VM VirtualBox)

I cannot guarantee this will work (did I ever guarantee anything?) but since your Whonix runs inside a VirtualBox, the Whonix inside the VM doesn’t even “know” the host monitor was powered off or even disconnected (which from perspective of the host operating system is pretty much the same).

Turning off monitors is something very common nowadays and should be bug free on all Linux host operating systems. That’s very worth testing. I do not foresee many issues in this case. (Only if you have graphic card driver issues… Then… Good luck…)

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Time to test then! thnx. Btw while I got you here: Is this link from your docs still uptodate regarding the ways to access sites that block the shit out of all tor exit ndoes? Tor Browser Essentials

Yes. I don’t have anything to add there.

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dang, well thnx still for having done that. Is there any way I can contribute to whonix?


Read it with a british accent

You can use a web proxy and hope that it works. It is probably documented somewhere on the wiki.

yeah I read that. but I also read that they are not deemed safe?! I am not sure therefore. I thought of just using a public wifi with a one time vpn