Is it a good solution for vnc?

Hi all!
I know complete anonymity is not attainable. But I would like to get closer to it.
My host computer runs Kali Linux. I know it’s not the best distribution choice. But on Kali my network adapter works out of the box. On debian and ubuntu I have not been able to get the network adapter to work.
I need to manage a VPS running Windows using VNC.
I plan to do this by installing Whonix on the host and setting up VNC. and also set up a VPN on the Host.
Is it a better solution than Whonix or just a VPN?
If you can, can you suggest other options that are better suited for the situation I described.
Payment for the VPN will be made in cash. Setting up the VPS will be done from another PC.
Any help is welcome.
P.S:My English is not good, so excuse me if I made mistakes or incorrect wording. And please answer in short, simple sentences. As a child.

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