Irc bouncers and irccloud

hello all,

I’ve recently started using irc in whonix but have found it rather limiting because of all the irc networks that block TOR. I have found darkscience to be one of the exceptions but it does not a particularly large user base. I have been trying to find a secure and anonymous way to connect to freenode and came across irccloud which is a webbased irc client that also acts as a bouncer. I was wondering if anyone knows how secure this service is assuming i connect to the site with TOR. If it is not a service i can trust are there any similar products that are recommended?

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Good day,

since, thanks to Whonix, IP-Leaks are impossible, your IP can’t be leaked in any way, shape or form to this web page. I really don’t think, that there is more, which could be said here, since IP-Leaks should be the only thing, you would have to be worried about when connection to such a site.

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Not a recommendation. Just a list. (At the very bottom.)


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