IPv6 Keeps leaking - No idea how or why ?

Solved. NO IP leak just a exit node.

i did the browser test and it says congratulations this browser is configured to use tor.

I dont what you are trying to say by posting this; either i should do the browser test or sites such as ip-check.info (idk if its the same for what i use ipv6leak) get it wrong. If so can you give me an website that can test for ipv6 leaks with tor ?

still it shows an ipv6 leak.

Did you read on that page Interpreting Test Results and Making Browsers Safer?

I’ve read them both and i still dont understand what you’re trying to say. I’ve been searching for information on this topic for two full days. I either have found information that i’ve tried and didn’t work or the topic died out and there were no real clear answers.

Please just say what you mean because this is becoming a guessing game.

I believe i think what you’re aiming at is: To date, none of the various leak testing websites running inside Whonix-Workstation were ever able to discover the real (external), clearnet IP address of a user during tests.

I understand this, What i dont understand is why is it even showing an IPv6 addres ?

I disabled it in my sys-net (NetVM), Modem and inside my network connection = ipv6 = ignore.

Because you’re not scanning your IP, but the IP of your current Tor exit relay.

Here is an example:

Human Verification

That probably explains why i couldnt find any documentation on it. I didn’t know tor even used ipv6. This means that ip addres is in no way connected to me or my connection ?

I think what threw me off guard was the sys-net showing a inet6 addres while my modem doesn’t even allow ipv6. Still don’t know where that problem comes from but still thats irrelevant to this.

Use Iptraf-ng and you will see if and what is leaking. Big fan of the program.

Did you find a leak?

What’s your setup? Where did you set it up?