Ipredia OS (i2p)

i have found an anonymous OS which doesnt required tor to make u stealth. so i thought to give it a try , because im thinking that, if this going to work then we can avoid tor over tor scenario. and in this case we can use this i2p OS + VM + whonix. and i think in this case we will avoid any direct connection to the internet.

the main website:- http://www.ipredia.org/

maintainer (or the only one who woked on it):- Mattias Ohlsson

github:- https://github.com/mattias-ohlsson

note:- the project kinda dead , the last .iso update was before about 7 months and the last twitter comment was before 2 years.but i dont know if the project maintainer quit his job from it or hes busy or searching for a hand help …etc.

i will try it and give feedback here.

here is my experience with it:-

the OS is kinda a mess , u cant update the OS. the whole OS is just nothing but a language/layout + background + i2p +audio system. he routed the yum update to act as i2p update. i thought he routed the internet connection through i2p which is similarly like whonix routing the whole internet connection through tor, but what u gonna c is just i2p with old version and the rest of the system is very old also (even the virtualbox cant be install because it needs some applications to make it work). it might be the one who designed it in that time, the internet traffic was going through i2p and working but now its not.

also i asked in the i2p forum about that , he advised me to not rout the internet connection through i2p because i2p is not made to work like that , and to use tor instead. also he mentioned that the workload on the i2p developers delaying them from making a separated OS just using i2p, and he told me to use tail instead with i2p if i want to use just i2p with OS.

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