ip leak reddit?

hi i am new user of whonix, i created a reddit account using whonix + tor, the site was in english language, but some parts of the website was in my country language, my ip leaked?

Malware, Computer Viruses, Firmware Trojans and Antivirus Scanners - Kicksecure

I was attacked with malware? If so, how could I solve it? thank you

No. Please read that link.

ok I got it. but how does reddit know my home country? i created another account using another pc and using only tor and the same parts are in english language

Possibly you used a Tor exit relay from that same country.

No, I never saw a relay from my country doing tests.
I don’t know how but reddit discovered my country. There are some parts of reddit in my language! I use Safest and it still doesn’t work!

maybe i figured out the problem, i created the accounts using the android tor browser, can this be a problem?

Guys I think I found the problem, I created the account using the tor of android. The browser is in my country language, when I created the account reddit read the browser and set it in that language.

It is very difficult to create an account using whonix, you need to try more than 50, 100 times to create 1 account. I create the account using a cybercafe and use it at home using whonix. with tor on android, i can do it on the first try!

The reddit policy after deleting an account is to delete all ips after 3 months and the ip that was created is kept forever!