ip leak on telegram desktop connecting to socksport

whonix inside virtualbox, connected to telegram desktop using proxy setting port 9154, created a new account with voip, looking at sessions and it shows my actual location not the ip it could be a coincidence but i am located in a small city so is unlikely, restarted whonix and now telegram shows unknown location , i wanted to share it asap , i will now try to look into logs.

If you installed Telegram on your mobile phone then that mobile phone is most likely not connecting over Tor. Therefore Telegram can track it. Game over. There is conceptually nothing Whonix can do about that.

See this wiki chapter:
Only run Applications inside Whonix-Workstation

Otherwise, how did you create your Telegram account? Using your non-torified mobile phone? Also game over.

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Avoid (Mobile) Phone Verification (Use only with caution)

as i said i created a new account with a voip bought just before , of course using the desktop on workstation , thank you for the fast reply.

So no mobile phone was ever involved?

Can telegram guess the location based on the VoIP number? It’s possible to get VoIP numbers with city prefix area code.

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