Integrate Tor to I2P | I2P over Tor | user -> Tor -> I2P -> internet | I2P IP address not changed?

I have made my Linux Machine Connect from whonix.

In whonix, I used the below commend

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https -y;sudo add-apt-repository ppa:purplei2p/i2pd;sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get install i2pd -y;sudo service i2pd start

Now my whonix IP address changed.

  1. Is it i2p ip address (how can confirm)
  2. But my linux machine ip not changed new ip after used sudo service i2pd start in whonix machine.
  1. Is it i2p ip address (how can confirm)

It is probably not I2P’s IP address, I2P is an in-network darknet primarily with “outproxies” operated on a voluntary basis. We do not operate as a transparent proxy or VPN unless expressly configured to do so. Within I2P you have a cryptographic address only, and outside I2P you’ll have the shared address of the outproxy. You can find the address of your outproxy by running the following command(Please correct me if there’s a better, more whonix-ish way to do this)

https_proxy= http_proxy= curl https://ifconfig.me

Running that command should result in the outproxy address being shown. I2P is not unlike Tor in this way, it’s necessary to configure applications so that they work with I2P.

  1. But my linux machine ip not changed new ip after used sudo service i2pd start in whonix machine.

In the context of I2P(and indeed most things) this is perfectly normal. I2P(And Tor, and VPN’s) don’t change your network location. The only way to actually change your network location is to move your machine to a different network. Instead, they make it hard for other people on the network to determine your network location by obfuscating the information necessary to discover where you are. You appear to others as if you are in a hidden location, but your computer is still attached to the same ISP that it was before you installed I2P.


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Tor network default is currently in my Whonix machine. How to connect I2P from whonix. I have to go through the Network I2P that goes out of Tor.

I need all the traffic that goes out of Whonix is to go through I2P. Say simple instruction.

Thank you

I2P does not go “Out of” Tor, it is an entirely different thing.

Simple instructions to route all traffic over I2P don’t exist for lots of reasons, one of which is because it’s not that simple to route all traffic over I2P, another of which is that it’s a really extremely bad idea to try and do it automatically. Automatically forcing everything go over I2P is essentially just a way of making sure you’ve misconfigured all your applications.

Also, I2P normally only addresses other I2P routers, it doesn’t officially exit to the rest of the internet. Most of your stuff will just stop working if you do this.


If so, it is best to use the I2P in workstation.

The “normal” instructions (unfortunately probably not “simple”):

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