insufficient direct effect from template to appvm


now if u have ws and gw templates and u have as well ws & gw appvms

now go to qubes terminal and erase ws & gw templates (leave the ws and gw appvms)

now reinstall ws and then gw from qubes terminal

the example which didnt take direct effect is:-

let say u have downloaed already in the old ws template TBB 6 stable , so the ws appvm going to have TBB 6 stable

but when u erase and reinstalled the ws template , dont download TBB 6 stable rather download TBB 6 alpha or hardened

now go and open ws appvm (make sure it is based on the new ws template from the ws appvm settings) , u gonna find TBB 6 stable !! and with all of ur bookmarks and …etc


so here i think if im getting it right , the appvm acted as an hvm template and didnt get effect whether its original template erased or changed? and also no effects of the new template on the ws appvm (i know i didnt create the ws appvm from the new ws template).

ws and gw appvms working fine tho their contents r different from the ws & gw templates.

By Qubes default, TemplateBased VMs have their own private folders which are unaffected by changes in TemplateVM.

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