Insufficent space for monero blockchain

Running VirtualBox 6.1.22 on a Debian host with a lot of extra HD space
Using monero 0.17.2 on a new and updated Whonix workstation.

At the past (on other workstations) I’ve used monero with remote servers. This time I decided to run monerod to have a local node which is as I understand the more secure and recommended option.

After a couple of days of monerod gradually d/l and sync data from the blockchain, I get the following error:

I [batch] DB resize needed|
E !! WARNING: Insufficient free space to extend database !!: 0 MB available, 1024 MB needed|
W Free space is below 1 GB on /home/user/.bitmonero

The error is repeated and no more sync is done. I’ve then stopped monerod and restarted it, also tried to restart machine, and to restart VirtualBox, the same error recurs.

Checking VirtualBox Settings -> Storage of the machine, I have:

Virtual Size: 100 GB
Actual Size: 94.36 GB

The file ~/.bitmonero/lmdb/data.mdb has size of 95428354048.

I guess it means current machine settings do not allow over 100 GB. Can I increase this size, preferably without losing the current data on the drive?


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Thanks. I used the gparted live cd (forum does not allow me to include a link) for steps 7-8 in the instructions. Worked nicely.

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