Installing Viber?

Hi, I installed whonix in virtualbox (imported). It all works fine and I can use Tor browser. Never used linux before. I wonder can I install Viber in whonix,
and will it work through Tor network?

I find out there is viber for linux, can I install in in whonix? Should I download debian version?
If someone can help with installing viber?

will it work through Tor network?

no body will know unless u try that.

debian version

yes whonix is build on debian.

Note:- ur communications inside viber r not anonymous, because of two reasons:-

1- u r using ur number
2- viber is not there for anonymous communications, so what ever u say there make sure it will be recorded.

  • Advise if u gonna ask for alternatives:-

use qTox

It’s complicated. Depends on protocols used… Start here:

Same as installing on Debian. Ask Viber support or Debian-related forums. Trying to stick to Whonix-specific stuff here (ie once you get it installed and need help routing traffic through Whonix, come back).