Installing VeraCrypt in Whonix/ Opening Encrypted USB in Whonix?

I’m trying to install VeraCrypt onto Whonix VM. I downloaded the latest version of VirtualBox, then did the same for Whonix. Did all the updates. Then I read that whonix uses Debian? So I downloaded VeraCrypt the Debian 12 version. Once installed in Whonix, I opened it using the default application it suggests, which is XArchiver, and this is as far as I get. Seems to not work doing this method. Idk maybe I’m doing this completely wrong. I’m not the smartest guy, really pretty lost actually. If anyone is able to guide me in the right direction, but in a way that sounds like you’re talking to a 8 year old, it would greatly be appreciated lol.

The goal is to be able to open up my encrypted USB flash drive inside Whonix VM. I can open it no problem using VeraCrypt while on Windows 11, not an issue. If I use VeraCrypt on Windows 11 and THEN try to open the USB in Whonix, it doesn’t pop up. A regular un-encrypted USB will, but not my encrypted one. So idk I guess even with VeraCrypt downloaded onto Whonix VM, I still would run into the problem of not finding it to even open it in Whonix. Idk I’m lost

Should be same as on Debian.

Self Support First Policy for Whonix applies.

Sorry I don’t understand.
So I downloaded the debian package. Not sure what folder to have the package in. I went to cmd and typed in ‘sudo apt install veracrypt’ . But it came back file not found.
I know that’s not correct. I don’t even know if the defian file is in the right spot in whonix for it to find it. I don’t know how typing in ‘sudo apt install veracrypt’ would even do anything, because how will it know what file to find, the file is not even called veracrypt. Idk I’m so lost.

Can someone please type me up a step by step guide, I will literally send you bitcoin lol. I’ve tried googling this and being patient for a response for days. I’m so lost. Google has no information that helps me on this