Installing Softether VPN

I’d like to install Softether VPN as an additional level of security. [url=]SoftEther VPN Project - SoftEther VPN Project

It supports Linux but I’m not real familiar with creating the install package: [url=]SoftEther VPN Project - SoftEther VPN Project

Specifically the “make” command is failing. Any help appreciated.

did u read the supported linux distros on the softether website??

[glow=red,2,300]Red Hat Enterprise Linux

and whonix is based on debian (im sure u have read that more than 10 times before u reached here)

also since we r friends in noobness (im a user and u r a user) i would prefer to read

“How To Ask Questions The Smart Way”.

(im sure u gonna benefits from the advises there and dont look at the name of it because ur question is not stupid but its not for whonix to solve)

also my other advise would be regarding softether, it dont advise u to use it but use another one because its vpn servers r 2 far away (japan and korea) and its highly not recommended with tor because i used it on my windows pc with tor and the software turned off and on more than usual vpn do when browsing.

alternatives => openvpn (its also free)

but b4 even using vpn ,the question who u r hiding urself from ? from gov. or its general anonymity ? did u know also the vpn turned off and on while u r browsing (its general problem for all vpns) ? (the solvation of this problem u need to use netcat with vpn)

i know it sound u need to get many articles to read and stuff to do in order to get the sufficient anonymity while using vpn. but that is the truth nothing come without tiredness

thnx for asking whonix , feel free to ask more (but read the article b4 u ask :slight_smile: ).

have a good day (f)

It’s questionable if it really improved security, see:

VPNs are the bikeshed:

While all other stuff is ignored.

Applies here:

See also general VPN documentation:

Ah, but you could maybe jump through some hoops and get his compiled. But that’s more of a general Linux, perhaps Debian challenge. Whonix won’t stand in your way because it most likely adds no extra challenges to it.

They have 100+ servers worldwide including US.

alternatives => openvpn (its also free)
What about the annual license fee?
but b4 even using vpn ,the question who u r hiding urself from ? from gov. or its general anonymity ?
That is an inappropriate question. I noted you asked that in another thread as well. Everyone has their own reasons and it's none of anyone elses business what they are.

Anyway someone reported worked so I’ll give that a try.

-glad to hear that they have worldwide servers (when i have tried it b4 there was only 2 countries but with different signals strength)

-openvpn depends on the private tunnel so here is their website:-

[url=]Private Tunnel | Protect your Internet Traffic with Secure OpenVPN

and i think the first free choice its enough for surfing (except if u have many activities then u should pay)

-its not that i want to know what u gonna do with it to interfere with ur privacy , but i was asking to c if u know the reality of vpns privacy calimers or not (like they r saving ur logs or not, or is it really not leakable?..etc). because i have checked many developers comments and the summary of them that there is no 100% guaranteed safe vpn , even if there is then is it really going to hide ur activities while using tor with no leaks ? (these questions r debatable and no 100% surety out yet that i have found).

^^^ read/listen to edward snowden documents/lectures and c how the governments agencies collecting ppl informations around the world (many vpn companies r compromised)

and here is a list from torrentfreak u can know how the companies did respond to their questions:-



have a good luck dude :slight_smile:

OpenVPN is software. Libre Software. No annual fees. You’d also need a provider which may or may not charge.