installed vpn client to whonix gateway but cant connect

I installed a private vpn client to whonix gateway OS (by logging as root). (no need to hear it is not recommended)

but when I try to login vpn provider interface,
obviously vpn client gives this error:

" There is a problem which is in our side, connect support."

Am I missing something with configuration?

Or only way to connect whonix gateway to a vpn by using client program of vpn provider is really ‘creating 3rd virtual machine’ ??? (I dont want to use openVPN)

Hello, welcome to Whonix forums and thank you for your question!

These two posts of mine apply:

Actually it’s difficult similar to:

DNSCrypt or undocumented (by Whonix) VPN client will have very similar issues.

Unfortunately this is unsupported.

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