Install monero gui

Hello there,

Since the monero gui isn’t preinstalled on the latest virtualbox image,I’ve been running into problems installing the monero gui…

I can’t seem to find an apt package so I downloaded the package from getmonero , unzipped the tar.file …
what do I then to install?

Installing via flatpak / flathub like it is described in the wiki also dosn’t work.
Then it wants to install some kde stuff which dosnt work.

Like why is it that hard

Like I have it untared and the folder looks like this

when I’m opening a terminal inside that folder monero-wallet-gui dosnt work (command not found), even when “monero-wallet-gui” is inside there

I am not aware of one either.

Same as if using Debian. Unspecific to Whonix. Can be resolved as per Free Support Principle.

For reference:

Insufficient issue description. Rarely anyone will be able to help. related:
Free Support for Kicksecure ™ chapter General Advice in Kicksecure wiki

What doesn’t work?

Note, this is also most unspecific to Whonix.

So no need to wait for this forum here. Documentation, search results and support from flatpak directly should be available too.

Just explore all folders inside that folder and you’ll most likely find it.

I am also not able to get my Monero gui back…

Tried to delete it, to reinstall it, to use the seed to get the wallet back, no sucess…

Monero is gone frome my Whonix. Finished.

So I downloaded the AppImage and now it’s ok but I am very disapointed from the Whonix support. (again and again)

It is a free project. You can always pay for premium support if you need more help. This is not a whonix specific issue

I am sorry to break it to you but unless you have a contract and paid for you should have zero expectations of service quality.

At least regarding money you are in the place :money_mouth_face:

Whonix : What’s a wonderful project !

I have been told it was FREE and a great, respectful in the perspective of helping some people to switch from A to B . :rofl: :joy: :rofl: You definitely demonstrate that what I have been told was totally wrong. Congrats for the marketing of that OS !

I supported that project, I definitely stopped !

The software is completely free.

Unlimited software support for all your Linux tech support what other companies pay thousands of dollars for hasn’t been promised anywhere as far as I can see. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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