install firejail firetools by default


its better to install firejail + firetools by defaults. as hexchat,thunderbird,vlc has their built-in profiles coming with firejail to work with seccom. so these going to be by default secure + maintained by them.

rest of whonix components like TBB or …etc we can wait until the maintainer will show up. but for the rest i dont see a reason to stay back without installing it.

Note: firejail + firetools installed from the official Debian repo.


Please create a Whonix 15 phabricator ticket.

How good pre-installation is an idea? I am certainly open to it.

Any opinion? @HulaHoop

If firejail doesn’t cause much trouble, why not preinstall it indeed. Once Whonix 15 is out, we could make this a call for testers.


Its a good idea. I don’t see why not. It shouldn’t interfere with anything because sanboxing needs to be invoked explictly by default.