install dummy-dependency by default

Reason why it is not installed by default? Couldn’t it solve a lot of issues?
How-to: Use Electrum Bitcoin Wallet in Whonix ™

On the Uninstallation section,
It is saying to install dummy-dependency, but the correct package name is dummy-dependency-electrum.
Also, there is the other package dummy-dependency-hardened-electrum, can’t it be also installed by default? Because depending on the system the user may have troubles.

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Nevermind, I believe it can’t be installed by default because then electrum wouldn’t be reinstalled, as it was fullfilled by the dummy.

Anyway, need to correct the electrum dummy package name.

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Fixed in wiki just now.

In kicksecure-meta-packages debian/control already fixed a while ago. Relevant lines:

Package: dummy-dependency-electrum
Provides: electrum, dummy-dependency-hardened-electrum
Replaces: dummy-dependency-hardened-electrum

Indeed. It wouldn’t be installed by default at all.
I’d love to have a better solution but I doubt it exists. → Technical Information

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