[INFO Dec 10] Windows Update Stops Virtualbox VM From Starting

This is just a heads-up on an issue that I resolved today:

Windows Update KB3004394 (out of a couple of dozen that came down today) on a Windows 7 host stops a Windows 7 guest from starting. Uninstalling that particular update from the host allowed the guest to start again. Looking on the virtualbox.org forums (https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=65062) confirms that others have experienced the same problem, and searching more widely on KB3004394 reveals that it is causing diverse problems, reported on microsoft.com forums, and not limited to Virtualbox. Therefore Microsoft is likely to issue a fix before long. For now, I would exclude that update from being installed.

Thanks. Pinned thread. Please keep us posted if this gets solved.

Microsoft have now removed this update from the list of available updates, but they haven’t issued any confirmation of this that I can find. Running Windows update on two other computers I see that it no longer appears amongst the updates available nor amongst those already installed.

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