Include Stylometric Evasion Tools in Whonix

Since you already distribute tools that help users enhance anonymity of data files like MAT. I propose we go one step further and distribute the opensource JSAN framework that includes the JStylo/Anonymouth. These tools carry out adversial stylometric analyses but also give tips to users on what they should avoid or change to conceal their writing styles.

This is important for people who have authored larger works under their real names on the clearnet under previous blobs, sites, academia and have decided to do large works anonymously.

This needs help. Packaging java is rather difficult, I think. And to maintain a package, you should have at least have a basic understanding of that language. I for one, don’t speak java. So me doing this is unfortunately not on the horizon.

Could you please post a feature request to the upstream authors to maintain a debian package and to get their package added into debian?

Done . :slight_smile:

I was looking for your opinion on this rather than asking you to package it personally. I hadn’t checked if it was in Debian repos.

My opinion… Well, I had a quick look at it a while ago. Watched their presentation video. Sounds good. Haven’t seen any criticism. Sure, it’s not perfect, but I am happy to have at least one project going into that direction. To make the software and problem better known, it surely would help if it was available in mainstream distributions.

In my opinion jstylo is currently not suitable for a larger audience. It’s a great idea yet the execution is far from user friendly.