improve usability of user -> Tor -> VPN/proxy Tunnel support


ID: 142
PHID: PHID-TASK-bjs2bsipitqvjemqahcr
Author: Patrick
Status at Migration Time: open
Priority at Migration Time: Wishlist



Tunneling lovers are often confused why there applications are “only” routed through Tor and not user → Tor → VPN/proxy/ssh due to Whonix’s stream isolation design.

To aid this, in such cases, we could on documentation side:

  • disable uwt wrappers (documented here) (done)
  • enable Transparent Proxying for Tor Browser (documented here) (done)

And on technical side:

  • whonix-ws-firewall needs a VPN_FIREWALL feature → T158

Implementation idea:

whonixadvsetup on Whonix-Workstation could get a new menu point I would like to keep as simple by default for users who are not interested in user → Tor → VPN/proxy/ssh.


VPN/proxy/ssh Tunnel support


Do you plan to tunnel a VPN, proxy or ssh through Tor (user → Tor → VPN/proxy/ssh → destination)?

Most users don’t need this. If you don’t know, just choose No.


Yes / No (Default: No)

Also also a details button, where it is explained in detail or links to documentation.

If “No” gets chosen → just do nothing and continue.

If “Yes” gets chosen. It could be either a textual feature or really do something (T143).