Import appliance without using existing Virtual Drive



When I first installed Whonix, I made the mistake of allocating it 100gb virtual space, meaning my gateway and workstation both are at 100gb each.
Now, when I try to import new appliance because I wanna make a new gateway and workstation that are max 5gb each, im met with problems, both choses the old virtual space at 100gb every time.
How can bypass this problem?


Non-issue. It are sparse files so the space does not get actually
allocated (used).


They are actually 100gb each.

the file size is 100gb, while being dynamic.

when you transfer the workstation, you need 100gb space to store it


Really shouldn’t. Did you use an option to initialize disks?

When you export and import VMs, size should stay down also.


But how can I import a new Gateway, without using existing Hard drive/file?

This problem been with me long time, so I appreciate all the help.


I also wanna mention, when I try to import new appliance, im not able to adjust any settings, CPU, disk space etc.


I will buy you a beer 10$(LTC) if you help me with this issue


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Usually, there shouldn’t be an association with a previously created drive when importing an appliance. Could you share a screenshot of the “set-up screen”, i.e. what you see after double clicking on the appliance?

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It choses an old Hard drive,


Here it is finished with size:


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That all is as expected. It creates a new disk that dynamically allocates the required storage for every Gateway. That’s why the storage ends up in folder “Whonix-Gateway_5”, not “Whonix-Gateway”.

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im sorry, I don’t follow?

so how do I fix it so I can chose the size? since its 100gb?


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100GB is the predefined size as set by us. As @Patrick said in post #4, these do not actually take 100GB unless necessary and should thus stay at around 3-8GB.

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