implement rads (ram adjusted desktop starter) systemd unit


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rads stands for RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter


  • rads forces to keep tty0 open → solved in rads systemd branch
  • rads tty0 still running after it started a graphical login manager (creates confusion: bug report) → solved in rads systemd branch
  • rads is broken on jessie that uses systemd → TODO


A good approach to solve this could be to run rads before getty using systemd. [1]


  • /usr/lib/ram_adjusted_desktop_starter/ram_adjusted_desktop_starter needs to be started by a systemd unit before getty
  • it needs to have stdout connected, so users can read output by rads
  • it needs to have stdin connected, so users can interact with rads
  • output by other boot processes should not mix up with output by rads
  • build upon the rads systemd branch, because it already solves most of above issues


[1] Could work similar as whonix-initializer systemd unit:
(whonix-initializer runs as an “app” during first boot. Its systemd unit is configured to wait until whonix-initializer finished.)

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