illustrations images wishlist for Whonix


I’ve been offered to have an illustration for Whonix created. At the moment I am out of creativity what to suggest since we have no tickets for graphical TODO at the moment.

(I’ve been PM’d on reddit due to our programmers wanted post.)

The media loves images and illustration images. So do users.

Often when subgraph was in the media, they used this image:

Whonix has two illustrations that are sometimes used by the media.

I think there is some room for enhancement here.

Do you have any ideas what kind of illustration images do you suggest for Whonix to be created?


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I’d say an image not unlike the one used by Subgraph might be a good idea. A single one which shows newcomers the advantages of Whonix in a second.

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I think the “How Whonix Works” picture should combine four things into a complicated illustration like Subgraph’s.

Effectively, you want to show:

  1. Separate host OS (Xen or other)
  2. Whonix-WS connecting to a Whonix-GW
  3. Whonix-GW choosing random paths through the Tor network with the last step (often) being an unencrypted link - this could be updated to show encrypted connections if .onions
  4. Stream isolation

If the illustrator is good enough, they need to combine the following three images below into something sensible. It probably could be a 3d image like Subgraph’s to fit it all in.