Identifying cyber attack against VirtualBox Whonix

Ok. Not a fluke. A pattern. How do I identify how a cyber attacker causes VirtualBox to seek Guru Meditation and ask for logs to troubleshoot? Would Whonix advise against dialogue with Oracle?


1 ) What would the logs contain? I suspect not much by way of personal identifying information.

2 ) Is TBB considered a penitentary? Tor is worldwide diffe-helman and RSA 4096. I commit no crimes but even TBB alone is not a penitetary. So, no, cyber attacker lost. I am not “low pen” and there is no valid reason I am not allowed to reproduce.

3 ) I thought VirtualBox Whonix was terminated through dnf update. No. All I did was have the machine connected to MA MIT-CERN protonvpn-cli tor. So I got attacked by a VPN I pay for over tor? How was that attack carried out?

4 ) How do I prevent this attack in the future. I don’t want to keep rebuilding from the ova. I can but it is annoying they do this pointless attack. They do not prevent me from using tor. I will continue to use tor. They fail. I am using tor as I type right this moment. You lost! And TAILS has no logs.


Malware, Computer Viruses, Firmware Trojans and Antivirus Scanners chapter Malware Audits in Kicksecure wiki

Kicksecure ™ in VirtualBox - Troubleshooting - Kicksecure ™ does not Start? chapter Guru Mediation in Kicksecure wiki

Malware, Computer Viruses, Firmware Trojans and Antivirus Scanners chapter Valid Compromise Indicators versus Invalid Compromise Indicators in Kicksecure wiki

The only way is to read them before sending and/or ask VirtualBox beforehand.

I looked up for more information on this error message and all I could find was a ticket from several years ago about windows. My host is Fedora because Debian and Qubes are not fully hardware compatible with Intel Alder Lake.
. .
00:00:00.928482 Changing the VM state from ‘RUNNING’ to ‘GURU_MEDITATION’
00:00:00.928486 Console: Machine state changed to ‘Stuck’
00:00:00.928996 !!!
00:00:00.928997 !!
00:00:00.928997 !! VCPU0: Guru Meditation -37 (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)
00:00:00.929004 !!
00:00:00.929012 !!
00:00:00.929013 !! {mappings, }
00:00:00.929013 !!
00:00:00.929018 !!
00:00:00.929018 !! {hma, }
00:00:00.929019 !!
00:00:00.929019 !!
00:00:00.929020 !! {cpumguest, verbose}
00:00:00.929020 !!
. . .

Sometimes VirtualBox works perfectly, and then–spontaneously–it does not and says Guru Meditation is required. Oracle will not allow me to sign up for an account to open a support ticket. I do not know why.

String VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED is 1000+ of times in VirtualBox source code. So they’ll certainly need the log to find out what is going on.

Try a local Linux user group or other local technical support as this is unspecific to Whonix and out of scope for support.