[Idea] Interactive VPN Gate script/parser


our own “anonuser” introduced us to VPN Gate at https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php/topic,49.msg354.html#msg354

I feel it useful to avoid exit node bans, i.e. user -> Tor -> VPN, and researched a bit. Now, my idea:

At http://www.vpngate.net/api/iphone/ VPN Gate provides a csv that actually contains base64-encoded Openvpn configuration. I would feel it valuable to come up with an interactive script/parser that does the following:

  1. Wget the csv
  2. present VPNs upon criterias (to be defined), e.g. Country, Speed, LogType.
  3. Now - “sort” comes to my mind here - user may select a particular VPN from a narrowed list
  4. VPN-specific base64-encoded string > decode > pipe to openvpn client > connect.
  5. (optional) recycling of steps 2) to 4).

Now, my questions:

  1. has anyone already scripted something along these lines (to avoid re-inventing the wheel)?
  2. do you feel it just as valuable as I do?
  3. any thoughts/suggestions?


quick mockup of the interactive output I was thinking about (to better get the idea):

[code]## This script/parser is part of Whonix.

Hello Mr./Mrs. Paranoid :wink:

Downloading VPN database …

453 VPNs available:
China (34) [1]
Japan (45) [2]
US (55) [3]
Germany (14) [4]

Select a country: 3

55 US-VPNs available:
VPN1, speed, logtype [1]
VPN2, speed, logtype [2]

Select a VPN: 2

Connecting to VPN2 …

Restart/Stop [Y/n]:[/code]

Has also been discussed here:

Anyone feel free to work on it.

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