iceweasel --> Firefox-ESR: need socks proxy? - SOLVED (thanks)

Whonix Gateway & Whonix Workstation 13

two days ago, in regular update, IceWeasel converted into FirefoxESR 45.2.0

now, it will not resolve .onion addresses.

it is necessary to add Socks Proxy to FirefoxESR, to enable access to .onion domains? if yes, what socks proxy settings to use, to keep stream isolation from regular TorBrowser?

thanks in advance for help.

You should not use iceweasel / firefox anyhow. ( )

Use Tor Browser. Documentation and why:

Iceweasel / Firefox will be stream isolated from Tor Browser anyhow, because Tor Browser uses SocksPort 9150. As long as you stay clear from that port, it will be stream isolated so or so.

Advanced Security Guide - Whonix

thank you for the replies.

when using a second TorBrowser in the Workstation: can someone advise which socks proxy settings to enter, in the second TorBrowser?

(the Advanced Security Guide states that one must use a different SocksPort. it does not say which Port one can use)

thanks again.

Fixed. (Won’t be reflected right away)

pick one from: 9153 to 9159

FYI, you might get a message saying that you are not using Tor Browser. This is normal. (Documented?) Related to 2nd Tor Browser not connecting to Tor Control Port.

@massy1 OP was correct. Firefox ESR 45 does need a socks-proxy unless a new preference is set in about:config. Bit of a head scratcher…

Introduce a new preference (network.dns.blockDotOnion) to allow blocking .onion at the DNS level

(insert usual disclaimers regarding firefox/iceweasel usage)

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