IBus input method not working in Tor Browser

Hello, I am a Korean user.
I type Korean in ibus-hangul. (Most Koreans seem to use IBus.)
However, when I updated Whonix, I could not type Korean in Tor browser.
I happened to find that changing the name of the Tor browser folder to a name other than “tor-browser” resolves this problem.
(Example) “tor-browser_1”
This doesn’t happen in Debian.
I wonder why this problem occurs.

When I use ibus and ibus-mozc in tor-browser of whonix on qubes os, I couldn’t type japanese and noticed apparmor errors in /var/log/syslog. After I modified /etc/apparmor.d/home.tor-browser.firefox, ibus works normally.

I added the following line in home.tor-browser.firefox file.

@{HOME}/.config/ibus/bus/* r,

If you change tor-browser folder name, the above app-armor profile cannot confine tor-browser’s behavior. That might cause some security issues.


can you contribute this to the upstream apparmor profile?

It’s apparmor-profile-torbrowser by Kicksecure which Whonix is based on.

Tor Browser doesn’t have an apparmor profile maintained by The Tor Project at time of writing as far as I know.

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Fix coming:

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