I2P Integration


Just leaving that here. Never seen before. Perhaps useful for something.


@TNT_BOM_BOM @goldstein-otg I don’t know if anyone has brought i2p-zero to your attention yet, but it might be a way to rely on a simplified java-i2p router without a web interface. Also in the next few months java-i2p should be getting an /etc/i2p.d/-like(Name not settled AFAIK) folder for configuration.


@eyedeekay its developed from monero developers. its good one , but until it becomes stable and uploaded to debian repo it will take ages.


This looks like a great opportunity for collaboration:


I2Pd now added as debian package:


cc @goldstein-otg


i have tested i2pd and tried to see how its working. not a good alternative yet for i2p-java, needs much more years of work to achieve that.


I watched the whole kovri drama and the result (i2p-zero) and i have to agree with @TNT_BOM_BOM

This would be great :slight_smile:

This is great news, this makes it easier when whonix 15 is ready

I would like to know the reason why you say that ?
I’ve had a short test and the only issue i could see (in a whonix setup) is the missing proxy option in i2pd to reseed , i had no issue on normal debian servers, one router ran over 2 month without an issue.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop :slight_smile:


some stuff i dont like to see when running a software:

  • It doesnt run under userspace by default , it needs root privileges to load though you have installed it from debian repo. ( sudo systemctl start i2pd.service not really ideal)

  • Its possible to run 2 apps instances just because you run it twice , which something nasty to have:

  • doesnt run after booting , you need to run it manually:
  • no checksum hashes for the downloaded provided until now (poor security interest)

…etc so no , its not really ready/stable as I2P-java.

(though its possible to be installed and run side by side with i2p-java)

Anytime, Glad that you still around :wink:

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