I2P Integration

We could use i2pbrowser for any kind of local web interface access that requires browser changes such as https://www.whonix.org/wiki/ZeroNet.

These changes in git are not too thoroughly tested.

Hopefully not breaking anything.


What does not work yet is speedy startup in Qubes DispVMs using mount rather than copy. That works for Tor Browser and SecBrowser but not for i2pbrowser. Related source code:

We can’t have more folders in /var/cache/tb-binary (disk space waste) and also not use too many mounts.

Tor Browser / SecBrowser work because only one or the other is expected per VM. Tor Browser in Whonix VMs and Tor Browser or SecBrowser in non-Whonix VMs.

/usr/lib/tb-updater/dispvm does essentially:

mount --bind "/var/cache/tb-binary/.tb" "/home/user/.tb"

But there is no /var/cache/tb-binary/.i2pb folder. And we cannot at the same time…

mount --bind "/var/cache/tb-binary/.tb/torbrowser" "/home/user/.i2pb/i2p-browser"

…since that would make the two browser profiles conflict with each other.

A solution could be to abolish an unconditional systemd unit file /lib/systemd/system/tb-updater-dispvm.service and to have /usr/bin/torbrowser run sudo /usr/lib/tb-updater/dispvm with an /etc/sudoers.d exception. Thereby the extra mount in Qubes DispVM would only be created when actually starting any Tor Browser based browser.

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Great thread. What is the best solution now, for routing every I2P request through TOR? Using the latest I2P browser in the workstation?

Invisible Internet Project (I2P) page outdated: package i2p not available in Debian bullseye.

if you mean downloading i2p from i2p repository then its gonna work if you change buster to bullseye in i2p source.list . (the wiki just outdated)

Please someone update that wiki page.

Meaning packages.debian.org bullsye.

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Most updated sources and instructions should be here: https://deb.i2p2.de/

@TNT_BOM_BOM can you test and update the wiki please?

Please use wiki template:

usage example:
Install the Signal Desktop Client

Hello friends. Is there anything I can do to help this venture? I may not be nearly an expert like many, but I2P integration is very exciting to me =)

This: I2P Integration - #314 by Patrick

Otherwise would be good to rehash what has been discussed in this forum thread.

sure thing, atm I2P changing their i2p installation instructions to
match latest apt changes (deprecating apt-key) once finished i will
update the wiki:


done and added some improvements:


Thanks. Working well and I re-added the privoxy package in the installation instructions.


Could you please document the purpose of privoxy?

At the moment privoxy does nothing. It just listens on port 8118 and that port is no longer used on Invisible Internet Project (I2P).

Also privoxy config would have to be restored?

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Appended it to the step" 5. Configure Tor Browser to allow connections to I2P". Not sure you prefer this or just an obscure ref note.

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Still same issue.

In the latest update to I2P wiki, Where do you see Privoxy useful?

Privoxy now is just an extra package useless for the end user.

If privoxy can be removed then it should be removed from the wiki, And only optional choice for the end user he can install it if he want to as any other package.

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