I want to make kicksecure easier to use.

I have installed Kicksecure-xfce on Debian. I like it very much, but there are some inconveniences.

・I can’t click on the touchpad with a tap
・I can’t see how much battery life I have.
・I can’t change the brightness with the keyboard
・There is no graphical user interface for the networkmanager.

Please tell me how to solve these problems.

you mean you build it or installed it inside hypervisor (vbox,kvm) inside debian?

if you have installed it inside VM its still not yet ready for daily use, just there for testing. So wait for upgrade on this later.

I mean I Installed Kicksecure-xfce inside my Debian host.
I follwed this page.

You can research these questions same as if you were using Debian. See Free Support for Whonix ™

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