I need some help Im so confused

Hi. I am so new to the TOR idea and begun exploring the endless possibilities on the deep web. I made a purchase at a market but have sense heard not a word from them. Is it because I dont have the proper security set up that would allow anonymity? Or is it the obvious…that I got got? If there are any persons out there that have a little free time and wouldnt mind helping a girl out, it would be appreciated.

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First off, let me start by saying that it is actually Tor, not TOR: How can we help? | Tor Project | Support

Secondly, due to laws in Germany and Europe in general, it is not possible, nor legal for us to help you with this question. Purchases made on hidden service based markets are usually not considered to be legal for a multitude of reasons, from simple things like Tax laws to more serious laws like accomplice laws. For this reason, I’ll sadly have to close this thread and suspend your account.

Let me at last say that A) if you’ve sent someone Bitcoins or any other digital currency, you can consider it gone at this point and B) that it isn’t what we’d call “good OPSEC” to make an account on a public forum asking a question related to black market and linking your face to said account.

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