I have some questions with using whonix with vpn

I saw wiki that say using whonix with vpn is harmful for security. In that wiki, it seems that using a vpn “in the whonix workstation” is bad. Is what I understood right? And if it right, then, what about using vpn in out of whonix workstation? I used vpn in window os not in the whonix os(I mean out of virtual box). Is it effective for security or is it harmful?

No, using VPN at all rates is bad thing to your anonymity.

Bad , thats why Tor exist.

Windows is horrible Operating System to begin with for your anonymity, you cant assume being anonymous while using windows. So using VPN or without doesnt add up any good to anonymity on windows or mac or any proprietary OS.

Hmm would it be critical problem?

Could it be serious problem? I had already done it.

You should assume this if you read that wiki.

Kravmaga via Whonix Forum:

Aha I understood. All vpns are harmful because their corperation could monitor what I am doing. Is that right?


Kravmaga via Whonix Forum:

A VPN inside Whonix is useful in some cases. There is nothing dangerous about it or else we wouldn’t have documented it.

Then what about vpn outside whonix? do nothing in both bad and good?

useless in most cases and effective against the most clueless censors only

Thanks a lot. It’s comforting to have at least basic security thanks to whonix.