I have not updated to version 14 and now Wonix-Workstation does not loading

Hi Evgene

Whonix 13 has reached end of life and is now deprecated

This means Whonix 13 is unsupported.

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Does this mean that I lost the data irrevocably?

Are there any options to save information?

It’s very sad

It’s showing a virtual hard drive failure. It might be a VirtualBox error that only happens with specific hardware / in specific situations. Not my area of knowledge so I won’t be able to help with this.

Who might(!) be able to help with this:

  • VirtualBox paid support
  • another very knowledgeable linux support
  • data recovery / forensics expert

If you don’t find anyone… Hopefully you have a backup of your data. Update is unrealistic. If you’re lucky you can recover your data.


  • make a clone of the VM - this helps to not further damage the virtual hardrive in case of data recovery experiments

My answer assumes you are interested to recover any data from the VM.

Then boot from a Linux live CD and see if you can access any data.

If you don’t want to recover any data from the VM, forget about the update, delete the VM, download and install Whonix 14.

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