I can't restart my machine.

When i click “restart” in my workstation i’v got this message, why?

Is this happening on Kicksecure as the host operating system? Or really Whonix-Workstation inside a VM?

Which virtualizer, VirtualBox or KVM?

Did you update from developers, testers or stable-proposed-updates repository?

It’s only a message? Reboot itself is still functional?

I don’t use Kicksecure, i only use Whonix Virtual Box. And the same happen in Whonix-Gateaway .

What you mean? I use comment:
sudo apt-get-update-plus dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Yep, but it takes almost a minute and once the machine resets right away

Did you install dracut?

Did you install ram-wipe?

These messages are related to this:

Did you install that? It’s not useful inside VMs. Useful on the host operating system only.

But I am very surprised because:

  1. This is impossible to happen without dracut as initrd generator which Whonix doesn’t use at time of writing (but probably will in the future).
  2. Should not happen inside VMs since ram-wipe disables itself there.

Ok. So you’re using the stable repository. Which is fine.

Btw either line is sufficient. No need to run both lines.

Related to this but not important if you didn’t change this:

Ok, I understand this issue now. It’s the systemd unit which was part of security-misc before but now is part of ram-wipe.

This should already not be happening with the usual upgrade commands since this change already landed in stable.

I even don’t know what is it…
Dracut? Ram-wipe? i hear about it first time in my life.

I don’t quite understand what are you suggesting? what does cold boot attack have to do with my problem? are you implying that i have some kind of virus on the machine?

No, i didn’t.

so is it normal? If not what should I do, because I still don’t quite understand?

No, not normal. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to do. Is fixed thorough the usual update process.