i can't login in whonix gateway..


today i decided to download the new version of whonix gateway

i see a login form

it request an user and a password

i put user and changeme ( default user & pass)

and i noticed that the screen changes its size and multiplies…

i’m using like a host Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya xfce 64 bits

and the hypervisor is virtualbox

now i shut down the vm and i turn on again

i don’t see now the problem of the screen ( about the size )

now when i put the correct user and password the vm only blinks in a screen black and returns to normal

what’s going on?


Hi @y010

Any errors when you upgraded?

Is the black screen as far as you get or is the login successful?


Thanks for your reply

I didn’t see any errors when i downloaded the new vm , i import it and turn on (i decided to eliminate the older vm and import this)

The «errors» appears when i put the default user and pass

The login is not succesfull …

The black screen only appears once and returns to normal (then i can see the login form again ;-; )

Thank you


it’s solved

i downloaded other version and this problem doesn’t appears now

and i’m using now the 2 vm the gateway and the workstation at the same time

thanks for everything

HI @y010

Glad to here you resolved the problem. I assumed that you were just upgrading Whonix-gateway. I didn’t realize you where downloading a new VM image . I should have asked.

What Whonix version are you using? 13

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i’m sorry for the long delay for the response

the version is the ( both vm .ova)

HI @y010

Thats great! I just wanted to make sure you are using the latest Whonix version.