I can’t login in to whonix workstation

Hello there…

I ran whonix workstation and gateway as usual on virtual box
the gateway log in fine but workstation blink a black screen then return to log in screen
how to fix this and if not how to get my files?

and how to setup a shared folder for the windows host?


Hi g3403178

So I have a better understanding as to whats going on can you please answer a few questions please?

  • did you change any setting in VirtualBox or Whonix? (For example change RAM settings)
  • the last time you used Whonix-Workstation did you run sudo apt-get autoremove? If so you likely removed meta packages Whonix depends on. Whonix Debian Packages
  • have you previously made backups or used VM snapshots?

The screen you are seeing is a tty console. I’m not sure why this happend but you can try to login and access you files.