Hypothetical question: many hidden services behind one gateway?

I just did a test with Whonix Gateway. I generated a torrc-file with hundreds of directories for hidden services. First of all it spits an error message at about 200, but still continues to generate keypairs.
What are the security implementations of having one instance of Tor providing massive amounts of hidden service addresses like this? How would it differ from having few(er) hidden services spread across several gateways? How would these scenarios look different to say the ISP or some third party who has access to customer-level internet traffic?

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all your questions can be answered with one simple feature, stream isolation. See: Stream Isolation

Hidden Services are automatically spread over different connections.

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Also not a very Whonix specific question.
(As per Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System)

I advice to ask this in the more general Tor support areas: