huge updates different reactions / iptables-persistent / apt-listchanges

Debian released new updates , but there r different reactions to the updates:-

  • Debian Template (Qubes):- (same as Whonix with this photo)

  • Whonix (GW&WS):-

  • plain Debian (Desktop):-

none of the above.

normal ?

what about if a user chooses no for IPv4 & IPv6? is it the same?

how can the user back to the default IPv4&6 firewall settings if anything going to change?

Qubes-Whonix only issues.

First two screenshots:
It’s apt-listchanges. Got accidentally installed in early versions of Qubes-Whonix. To remove:

sudo apt-get purge apt-listchanges

The last two screenshots:

It’s a known issue discussed in context of the following ticket.
It will be solved once that ticket will be solved.

For now, just say ‘no’.

aha ok cool

For now, just say ‘no’.

so how about if someone choose “yes” ? no worries or he should do something to turn everything back to normal?

No worries.

Btw, even with firewall down at worst it would break connectivity. Not open up for leaks. This is because incoming connections on the gateway internal interface will never be automagically get forwarded to the gateway external interface.