How write Whonix 2, after the first recording how to record a second ?


I write Whonix 2, after the first recording how to record a second ?

I’ve got a 12GB RAM - My PC

But also allows me to select only 3GB, why is that ? ( Gatevey 2 record )

I try to burn after gatevey Windows 7 and allows me to 1GB of RAM only those Help! ( 2 Record inside VirtualBox )

Hpw To fix this ??


when you try to install the gateway, I get an error, you know what I’m doing wrong ?


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I’m really sorry but I am incapable of understanding what you are trying to do. What are these “records” you talk about? Also, what kind of error messages do you encounter?

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HI !

i install virtualbox - whonix gatevey, than Windows 7, and then turn on the inside , and I try to install another at the same time,but I do not allow gatevey ( i get error gatevey ) Why ?


‘‘Failed to important appliance’’


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That’s not an error by the Gateway, but by VBox and could have a multitude of reasons. Try executing:

VBoxManage import Name_Of_Appliance.ova --vsys 0 --eula accept

And write what the output is.

Also, did you verify the images?

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You mean command put this ?

how to turn on virtualbox command?

I tried searching, can not find exactly wear . Do not be angry on me :slight_smile: I new hear…

( IMAGE ) i fink okay,


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The command should be executed via the command line, also known as CMD.

Your error seems familar to me though. Is it possible that you don’t have enough disk space left?

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Hi,i pasted you CMD ‘‘VBoxManage import Name_Of_Appliance.ova --vsys 0 --eula accept’’.
And not good,i have “‘VBoxManage’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”

My HDD is good, 1 free space is 20GB and another 2 - 70GB free space.


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You have to obviously first change to the folder in which your installation of VBox is located via cd.

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And you will need to replace Name_Of_Appliance.ova also with the actual file name.