How would I host an email server in Whonix

I’d like to host an email server but I don’t know what should go into the workstation and what on the gateway. I guess its the same as hosting websites where only the onion is on the gateway and the rest on workstation?

Edit: Also, what about xmpp?

It follows the same principles. What changes are the server application and ports.

I suggest to learn this in this order:

  1. a web server as documented
  2. perhaps a different web server
  3. xmpp server
  4. e-mail server

That is because for reasons - unspecific - to Whonix, e-mail over Tor / onion will be very hard or impossible. E-mail requires MX DNS requests as far as I know. For status of that in Tor, see:

I don’t know any more about this.

For email go with Qmail - a security conscious email daemon from DJB.

For XMPP go with the simplest and cleanest server implementation possible

For XMPP here’s some popular choices:

I’m in favor of ejabberd written in Erlang - memory safe and high perf lang. Many deployments run it.

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