How to Verify Whonix


Hello Whonix Community,:grinning:

I am a pure linux beginner, and i have worked until now only under Windows.

For Mint, I’ve decided since it’s a good beginner OS.

Now I intend to install Whonix in Virtualbox.

following instructions I have followed:

With the help of GnuPG I would like to verify the key.

following scenario:

In step 3 I should enter the following command: “gpg --keyid-format long --with-fingerprint patrick.asc”. The download was filed accordingly in downloads.

The following error message:

gpg --keyid-formatlong --with-fingerprint patrick.ascgpg: ‘patrick.asc’ can not be opened (this means the file can not be opened).

Then I wanted to follow this tutorial “https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Template:Verify_the_virtual_machine_images_using_Linux” so I can verify the files. But the probleme is, that the step before (Install GnuPG) was not sucessfully and i cant following the next step.

Now I turn to you hopefully. What can I do to verify the files?

About nice feedbacks I would be very happy.

regards and thx in advance


Hi CatWithBlackHat


cd /home/user/Downloads/


gpg --keyid-format long --with-fingerprint patrick.asc


Hey 0brand,

so since it has now worked “https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Whonix_Signing_Key” I go now to the next step.

I have patrick.asc now opened with KGpg.

I can see the following window:


according to the internetseite it should look like this

Does the file still need to be imported? If so, where?

When opening KGpg comes the following message

Unfortunately I can not go any further.

I am really glad to have registered here. Here a thank God helped.


Hi CatWithBlackHat

You have already imported patrick.asc if you have completed the steps (1-6) https://whonix.org/wiki/Whonix_Signing_Key

If you are still having problems with Kgpg you may want to try using command line verification. It may be less buggy.



Hey 0brand,

it is really nice that you try help me. Thanks for that :yum:

Yes i finished the steps (1-6) https://whonix.org/wiki/Whonix_Signing_Key1.

  • Is this enough and my files are verify?


In the next step i must using KGpg. This i done and opended the asc file.

I see following picture: https://picload.org/view/dgigaiir/key-mangement.png.html

In the tutorial it looks like: http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=2a4e0b-1507402575.png

When i start KGpg i become this message http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=14f5af-1507402334.png

  • How i see, that the key (patrick.asc) is the correct and no untrust ?

  • Is the Step (1-6) https://whonix.org/wiki/Whonix_Signing_Key1 enough?

  • Which of the link i must click? KVM or Virtualbox? After i done one of the 2 tutorials i verify the Iso complete?
    I really not Know many about Linux at time, because used it only 2-3 days.

Is it Okay for you, that you maybe list the steps i must do to verify? And how it looks, if it is verify?

If you spend alot of time to help, i will spend you little Bitcoins if you want. I really happy to learn new things and i happy that you help me.

Have a nice day and sorry for my Roman. :grinning:


Hi CatWithBlackHat

Not enough to verify. You have only imported the key (patrick.asc).

Kgpg can sometimes be a little buggy. If you are still having problems you may want to try verifying the virtual machines with the command line.


I know you already downloaded the Whonix signing key ( patrick.asc ) into /home/user/Downloads. You must also download the cryptographic signatures (Whonix-gateway OpenPGP signature and Whonix-workstation OpenPGP signature) into the same directory.

They are right under the Whonix-gateway and Whonix-workstation Virtual Machine downloads on this page.


Once you have completed that

cd /home/user/Downloads

After that follow the instructions from Verify from the Command Line

I really appreciate the thought but it is not necessary. However it is good to keep in mind that Whonix needs our Donations to stay alive. :wink: