How to Verify Whonix

Hello Whonix Community,:grinning:

I am a pure linux beginner, and i have worked until now only under Windows.

For Mint, I’ve decided since it’s a good beginner OS.

Now I intend to install Whonix in Virtualbox.

following instructions I have followed:

With the help of GnuPG I would like to verify the key.

following scenario:

In step 3 I should enter the following command: “gpg --keyid-format long --with-fingerprint patrick.asc”. The download was filed accordingly in downloads.

The following error message:

gpg --keyid-formatlong --with-fingerprint patrick.ascgpg: ‘patrick.asc’ can not be opened (this means the file can not be opened).

Then I wanted to follow this tutorial “” so I can verify the files. But the probleme is, that the step before (Install GnuPG) was not sucessfully and i cant following the next step.

Now I turn to you hopefully. What can I do to verify the files?

About nice feedbacks I would be very happy.

regards and thx in advance

Hi CatWithBlackHat


cd /home/user/Downloads/


gpg --keyid-format long --with-fingerprint patrick.asc

Hey 0brand,

so since it has now worked “Whonix ™ Signing Key” I go now to the next step.

I have patrick.asc now opened with KGpg.

I can see the following window:

according to the internetseite it should look like this

Does the file still need to be imported? If so, where?

When opening KGpg comes the following message

Unfortunately I can not go any further.

I am really glad to have registered here. Here a thank God helped.

Hi CatWithBlackHat

You have already imported patrick.asc if you have completed the steps (1-6)

If you are still having problems with Kgpg you may want to try using command line verification. It may be less buggy.

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Hey 0brand,

it is really nice that you try help me. Thanks for that :yum:

Yes i finished the steps (1-6)

  • Is this enough and my files are verify?


In the next step i must using KGpg. This i done and opended the asc file.

I see following picture: Fehler -

In the tutorial it looks like:

When i start KGpg i become this message

  • How i see, that the key (patrick.asc) is the correct and no untrust ?

  • Is the Step (1-6) enough?

  • Which of the link i must click? KVM or Virtualbox? After i done one of the 2 tutorials i verify the Iso complete?
    I really not Know many about Linux at time, because used it only 2-3 days.

Is it Okay for you, that you maybe list the steps i must do to verify? And how it looks, if it is verify?

If you spend alot of time to help, i will spend you little Bitcoins if you want. I really happy to learn new things and i happy that you help me.

Have a nice day and sorry for my Roman. :grinning:

Hi CatWithBlackHat

Not enough to verify. You have only imported the key (patrick.asc).

Kgpg can sometimes be a little buggy. If you are still having problems you may want to try verifying the virtual machines with the command line.

I know you already downloaded the Whonix signing key ( patrick.asc ) into /home/user/Downloads. You must also download the cryptographic signatures (Whonix-gateway OpenPGP signature and Whonix-workstation OpenPGP signature) into the same directory.

They are right under the Whonix-gateway and Whonix-workstation Virtual Machine downloads on this page.

Once you have completed that

cd /home/user/Downloads

After that follow the instructions from Verify from the Command Line

I really appreciate the thought but it is not necessary. However it is good to keep in mind that Whonix needs our Donations to stay alive. :wink: