How to use sock5 or https proxy on whonix

Hello I will be very glad if someone can help me. I would like to start using whonix full time because the isolation and onionion routing provides another level of anonymity and protection of physical identity on the internet. But I have a problem that does not allow me to switch to daily use of whonix. The problem is blacklisting and detection of tor exit nodes when accessing the site but mainly it happens during the signup and signin process, in 95% of the cases it is mostly due to third party API firewalls implemented in the code by the web application owners, the role of these API firewalls is to eliminate unwanted activity such as spam,fraud,botting, trolling and filtering out low quality users. I think that I, as a regular internet user, have a moral right to remain anonymous at a level I deem appropriate and not be limited at a level that is long since technically surpassed. I have access to a clean and high quality premium resident proxy but tor is for some reason only compatible by default with HTTP proxies. If I try to configure HTTPS or SOCK5 proxy into foxyproxy the connection will be broken. So my question is it technically possible to use tor + HTTPS or SOCK5, if so is there any guidance on how I as a not so tech savvy user can achieve this? Alternatively, is there a smart developer who would be willing to write a browser extension for the whonix/tor community or some software that would solve this problem? I will be very happy if there is someone who can realistically help me. I have tried to solve this problem myself but the only solution I can think of is to anonymously rent a virtual private server or dedicated machine which I would access via whonix (using html rdp client) and configure sock5 up on a remote Virtual Private Server where it would work because I would be taking standard connectivity from the datacenter that would host my virtual private server. But this solution is considerably inconvenient so I’m asking someone willing to help and for an idea to solve the problem.
<3 thx