How to unselect virtual systems during import?

I wanted to use the CLI gateway with the XFCE workstation, but when I try to import either they come with two virtual systems. For example, if I import Whonix CLI, I get both the gateway and workstation. How could I unselect the CLI workstation and XFCE gateway during import so I could combine the two?

Maybe this requires VirtualBox 6.1?

You can also just change the VM name of the unwanted VM and import it anyhow. Then delete after import.


its part of the new Whonix .ova image design to come both into single
shot image. So what hes requesting is out of vbox in gnu/linux or me.
Unless there is a way when porting the .ova image it will ask you what
is inside it from content and you choose which part the vbox will port
into it.

So either ask virtualbox to have this as a feature , or maybe if there
is a way to play that on whonix .ova code (which i doubt if there is any).

Patrick via Whonix Forum: