How to setup WHONIX + VPN + PROXY?

Hello, i have one problem.

  1. I’m connected to VPN on host.
  2. I have whonix gateway (virtual box)
  3. I have windows7 (virtual box - connected to internal Whonix network) with TorBrowser downloaded
  4. I buy sock5 proxy + credentials

And my question is… How to get SOCK5 as exit relay? I have SOCK from Netherland cause i need exit in Netherland. How to do it?

Why do you need Windows 7? Very bad choice security and anonymity wise. Can’t you use the Whonix-Workstation?

Regarding the SOCKS5 setting, have you tried to configure the proxy in the Firefox advanced network configuration?
Preferences->Advanced->Network Settings->Manual proxy configuration
Add your proxy IP in the SOCKS Host form, choose SOCKS v5

Here you have a visual example:

Thanks for sharing this helpful link: FTP Proxy | mIRC Proxy | Socks Proxy Settings of FTP IRC Email Outlook..